How Do Celebrities Keep Their Homes Safe?

By Staff Reporter - 08 Oct '20 13:20PM
  • How Do Celebrities Keep Their Homes Safe?
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Have you ever been scared by a burglar? You don't have to be, burglary statistics in the United States are already scary enough:

  • Burglary happens every 26 seconds

  • A third of burglars just comes in through the front door

  • Almost a quarter walks in through the back door

While some ordinary people invest a lot in their home security, no one spends more money on it than celebrities. Most famous people nowadays spend hundreds of thousands if not millions to ensure their homes have the highest level of protection.

Why is it so? Today, you're going to find out:

  • Why are celebrities so afraid of burglaries

  • How much do they spend on home security

  • What can you learn from celebrity security tactics

Let's start with the most obvious...

Even Celebrities Aren't Immune To Burglaries

With so many burglaries happening all the time, it's no wonder why an ordinary person would get a home security system but why celebrities? Are they really that afraid of having their homes burglarized? You might be surprised to know that they aren't immune to burglaries. 

In many ways, celebrities aren't that different from us. 

For example, last year, Adam Lambert and Usher fell victim to high-profile burglaries. The two perpetrators stole more than $500,000 worth of goods during the robbery. Jewelry, memorabilia, and other valuable items were among 2,000 items stolen

And that wasn't the only high-profile burglary in recent memory. Far from it.

Two years ago, more than a dozen of burglars were caught in Los Angeles after burglarizing celebrity houses from more than a year. Some of the more famous victims included Robert Woods, Christina Milan, and Rihanna

The burglars were also planning to rob the homes of LeBron James and Matt Damon

How Much Do Celebrities Spend on Home Security

With so much people out there trying to rob celebrity houses, it's no wonder why some of them pay so much attention and devote so much thought to security. And just how much do celebrities spend on security? The short answer is: a lot. 

Let's look at some of the more noticeable examples:

  • Tom Cruise takes his security just as his acting career. In order to enter the Cruise estate you need to be checked at the gates and again at the entrance. No exceptions.

  • 50 Cent has reportedly installed over two dozen surveillance cameras on his estate. According to reports, 50 spent around $1 million yearly on 24/7 security. 

  • Five years ago, Jay Z and Beyoncé hired full-time security for their their Garden District mansion. The power couple spends $4 million a year on security alone. 

And those are just a few recent examples. Back while they were still together, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie spent over $235 million to upgrade the security measures in their then-home. 

3 Smart Ways Celebrities Keep Their Homes Safe

Why should all of this matter to you? While you don't have millions to spend on all-year-round security to protect your home, you can still take some cues from the rich and famous. Here are a few smart security ideas that can help you prevent a burglary or stay safe during one. 

1. Smart Alarms

How to prevent burglars from entering your home? Making sure that they're caught as soon as they step foot on your property. How can this be accomplished? You simply can install smart alarms around your yard and home. This will help you get notified as soon as someone gets near your home. You can install smoke sensors, gate sensors, glass-shattering sensors, etc. A closed-network alarm system is something that the burglars won't be able to hack either. 

2. Flash Fogging

If the intruder manages to find their way on your premises, you need to find a way to buy yourself enough time before you cal the police or notify your neighbors. Basically, you need to catch them off guard to prevent them from stealing anything. You can do this through flash fogging. This is a system to increases heat in your home and allows your windows to fog up. In turn, the fogging prevents burglars from having a clear view inside your home and stealing. 

3. Panic Rooms

This might be a costlier option, however, if you have a large family, it might be the best protection from danger during a burglary. Although most people are aware of panic rooms, let's explain quickly what it is. It's a secret chamber inside your home, where you and your family can hide from danger. The doors are bullet-proof, the room houses a phone, and a security system equipped with cameras. A perfect solution for home invasion scenarios. 

What Can You Learn From Celebrities

Admittedly, you can't really afford security of celebrities. You don't see normal people digging moats outside their homes, right? But that doesn't mean you can't learn anything from them. What's more, you can also purchase a security system that will give you a desirable level of protection from burglars. Trust us, your home needs it. 

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