Beyond Smoke 3 Alternative Ways to Enjoy Cannabis

By Staff Reporter - 25 Mar '19 20:03PM

With Canada's decision to legalize recreational cannabis, and a number of states doing the same, never before has there been such widespread acceptance of the drug. Legalization was built on the premise, expounded by numerous health officials and studies, that cannabis really isn't bad for you - and in fact it can have some health benefits.

But that's cannabis - not necessarily cannabis smoke. Smoke is bad for you, regardless of what you're smoking, as the combusted particulates in it can be carcinogenic. If you want to reap the benefits of cannabis, without suffering the adverse effects of smoke, you have to turn to alternated usages. In this post, let's look at three of the most popular alternatives to smoking cannabis: edibles, tea and food additives.


When it comes to cannabis, edibles are undoubtedly the most popular alternative to smoking. Some find it an intense experience their first time around, but if you take it slow and buy from a quality manufacturer (rather than DIY or from an unreliable source) you will likely have a positive experience.

You can find quality companies now that offer edibles in varying strengths, strains and effects, from sativa scones and hemp cookies to meals lovingly prepared by professional chefs. In other words, edibles nowadays are a far cry from the mysterious pot brownies of yore.


For a soothing, relaxing experience, tea is your way to go. When you steep cannabis in hot water (as opposed to a lipid, as you would with baked goods) the CBD is extracted, but the THC isn't. For those unfamiliar with those acronyms, CBD is the active compound in cannabis responsible for feelings of relaxation and calm, whereas THC is responsible for the "high" commonly associated with cannabis.

What that basically means is that cannabis teas allow you to reap the relaxing effects of cannabis without the psychoactive effects of THC. These days you can find specialty cannabis teas that pair cannabis with other herbal ingredients like ginger, citrus, camomile and mint.  

Food Additives

A fairly new entry into the list of ways you can enjoy cannabis, food additives are perhaps the most distilled and technical. These flavourless additives allow cannabis users to enjoy all the effects and benefits of cannabis, without having to change the integrity of the food or drink to which it's being added.

Cannabis food additives are great for people who want the euphoric and relaxing effect of cannabis, but without the added calories that come along with edibles (no matter how delicious they are). It's also perfect for mixologists looking to incorporate cannabis into their drinks.

To summarize, if someone tells you that a joint is the only way to enjoy cannabis, they're blowing smoke. Edibles, teas and additives are each fantastic ways to enjoy cannabis without the coughing and hacking typically associated with smoke. And with the growing acceptance of cannabis in North American culture, companies have been able to explore newer and better ways to enjoy these methods.

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