Hottest Hollywood Celebrities You Might Cross In The Upcoming Triple Crown Series

By Staff Reporter - 21 Mar '19 00:31AM

In any given horse racing show, you do not only expect the best breeds of horses to showcase the party. You only do not see jockeys packed in incredible costume ready to show off an amazing action. You also do not only see hundreds and thousands of bettors trying to win the best entries they wish to be.

One reason why horse racing shows attract a lot of crowns because celebrities are gracing the event with so much glamour and star-studded affairs. While a lot of horse racing fans are looking forward to witnessing an incredible racing show, they also wanted to see some hottest and grandest Hollywood stars joining the event.

Now, that the Triple Crown Series is about to unfold starting with Kentucky this may followed by Preakness Stakes and finally the Belmont Stakes, a lot of horse racing fans are looking forward to celebrities that might be present to these racing shows. While your guessing who would complete the lineup and parade of stars in these tournaments, the following celebrities might appear in the upcoming horse racing red carpet.

Elizabeth Banks

Getting ready for the upcoming horse racing show and researching how to place your bet? A Pitch Perfect, Lego Movie, and Hunger Games lead star Elizabeth Banks might be able to inspire you. She is a big fan of the Breeder's Cup which made her an ambassador of the said racing event, whose appearance in Santa Anita is always observed by the media.

Banks might also appear in Kentucky, Belmont, and Preakness Stakes as she is considered to be the biggest bettor when it comes to horse racing sports.

Bonnie-Jill Laflin

One of the most popular BBC and FOX reporter Bonnie-jill Laflin is also an avid horse racing fan. She's one of the most visible celebrities in any horse racing show. A little bit of a background, Laflin was the only and first scout for NBA serving the LA Lakers team. She is also a recipient of a Superbowl ring and NBA championship rings.

This celebrity is highly known in the Hollywood entertainment industry because of her huge achievements. She has been a philanthropist, model, and a human rights activist. She is also one of the biggest horse racing celebrity and works with America's Best Racing. Indeed, Bonnie-Jill Laflin is someone you might want to meet during a horse racing tournament.

Noah Syndergaard

Most typically known as Thor in a baseball game, this pitcher is also one of the famous celebrities that want to take the world of horse racing. He has been visible lately in almost all horse racing tournaments betting for his favorite entry. With his looks and charming beauty, truly more horse racing fans have the reason to take part in the tournament and experience how it's going to feel with Syndergaard watching the show.

Laura Bell Bundy

This "Heart of Dixie" and "Jumanji" lead star is a horse racing fan at the same time. Laura Bell Bundy is a Broadway sensation and has been a horse racing fan for a long time. This music star is usually seen in Breeder's Cup. Bundy is said to grace the Triple Crown series tournaments happening very soon and will surely be one of the crowd's centers of attention.

Allison Janney

From Juno to Finding Nemo, to Ten Things I Hate About You, and West Wing, Allison Janney one of the biggest celebrities everyone sought after to see in any horse racing tournament. She is also one of the most famous Hollywood actresses and had been betting in horse racing tournament for quite some time. If you are a Janney's fan and wants to see her in person without any hitch, going to the upcoming horse racing show will definitely earn you that ticket.

Terrell Owens

Owens is one of the most popular NFL players. He does not only love to play football, but he is also a huge horse racing enthusiasts. This lad is expected to be seen in the upcoming horse racing shows and would definitely slay the horse racing red carpet. If you see yourself attending a horse racing show and caught a famous football player right on the dirt track, relax, it's Terrell Owens.

Carson Kressley

A popular Hollywood stylist which is full of glamour and fashion statement. Yes, Carson Kressley is going to a Triple Crown Series show. He works as a celebrity stylist, fashion designer, and a TV host. This lad had established a huge trademark in Hollywood entertainment.

Although he has a tight schedule due to the fact that he handles a lot of celebrities to style on a daily basis, he will still be present in horse racing tournament. According to some reliable sources, Carson is an avid fan of horse racing and sports betting that's why he wanted to be visible in any horse racing tournament across the country.

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