'American Horror Story' Season 7: Billy Eichner To Join The Series In A Recurring Role

By Carrie Winters - 29 Mar '17 05:30AM

"American Horror Story" Season 7 is returning. Sarah Paulson will still be part of the series and so will be Evan Peters. A new character is also added to the show and Billy Eichner will portray the role.

According to a report, Billy Eichner has joined "American Horror Story" Season 7 in a recurring role. There are no specific details of the role yet but it already has been confirmed. Eichner is a comedian in "Billy on the Street" and a star in "Difficult People."

In the meantime, Ryan Murphy already shared that "American Horror Story" Season 7 has been inspired by the 2016 Presidential Election. The upcoming season is hinted to premiere with the events of the elections. However, it was indicated that President Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton will not be part of the story.

Murphy also shared that the people may have thought that Paulson will portray Hilary Clinton in "American Horror Story" Season 7. He then noted that this will not happen and is not true. He made sure that the story of the series is an allegory once the upcoming season kicks in.

It can be recalled that the previous season had a unique twist to the story. That has been the case with Murphy's shows for the series. "American Horror Story" Season 7 is also expected to bring out more twists and surprises to the plot. It is indicated that the idea for the plot in "American Horror Story" Season 7 started when Murphy and Producer Tim Minear presented a synopsis for the show. The idea just came up and they are doing it in the upcoming season.

Meanwhile, a report indicated that Paulson hinted about her character for "American Horror Story" Season 7. At the Paleyfest it was hinted that the Coven character will return in the upcoming season.

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