Wiz Khalifa Visits Pablo Escobar's Grave; Visit Sparks Controversy

By Carrie Winters - 29 Mar '17 00:06AM

Wiz Khalifa recently visited Pablo Escobar's grave. The rapper's visit sparked controversy in Colombia. Mayor Federico Gutierrez of Medellin has not been happy about the visit.

According to a report, Whiz Khalifa had a concert in South America. He found the time right after his performance to visit Pablo Escobar's grave. Khalifa offered flowers and smoked a joint in front of Escobar's grave.

In the meantime, Mayor Gutierrez of Medellin criticized Khalifa's act of visiting Escobar's grave in Medellin. In fact, the mayor referred to the rapper a "scoundrel." He noted that Khalifa should have visited the graves of the people that Escobar killed during his time.

It can be recalled that Escobar terrorized Colombia in the 1980's to the 1990's. He was killing those people that came in his way and was the biggest drug cartel then. Escobar was guilty of bribing and kidnapping and has killed manyKhalifa visited the grave of Escobar and left a joint on the tomb. The mayor has not been happy but the rapper did not commit any crime. The photos of Khalifa visiting the grave have been shared by him on his Instagram page. The act has also been reported in Colombia's newspaper.

Meanwhile, it is known that Khalifa is an avid marijuana smoker. He uses his Instagram page to post photos of him smoking a joint. The latest one that he posted has been the visit to Escobar's grave. Khalifa is an American rapper that had his debut album released in 2006.

He is at present still performing, in fact, he just had a concert in South America that led him to visit Escobar's grave right after the said concert. The act he did in Medellin by visiting Escobar's grave did not make the mayor and some people from Colombia happy.

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