'Pokemon' News & Update: Popular Game May Be Coming To Nintendo Switch? What We Know So Far!

By Carrie Winters - 21 Mar '17 09:19AM

There are speculations that "Pokemon" is coming to Nintendo Switch. The game may come into Nintendo Switch as "Pokemon Star."

According to a report, "Pokemon" developer Game Freak has a new project that is still unknown. However, there are hints that are coming out regarding this development. A new job ad from Game Freak indicated that the company needs temporary employees to work on the console platform.

The job will require the one hired to work on creating character models with the same level as those with Wii U and PS Vita. The game's title is not stated in the job ad. However, Game Freak is known to develop the popular game "Pokemon."

It is indicated that the job stated in the ad will last until May 2018. Game Freak is also hiring people that have knowledge on 3D CG design. The new ad may indicate also a different game aside from "Pokemon." It is not far from real that "Pokemon" may come eventually to Nintendo Switch.

There is no specific information of the game as of yet and Nintendo has not given any further information about it. These speculations about Pokemon coming to Nintendo Switch may be made possible in the future.

Meanwhile, a report indicated that Nintendo Switch already has games like "The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild." Furthermore, the speculation of "Pokemon" going to Nintendo Switch would be one thing that gamers can look forward to.

Recently, "Pokemon Go" has just been released to mobile phones. There were even reports for updates on the said game. The company that develops the game will give more to players in the future. As of this time, "Pokemon" can be played on Game Boy, 3DS, and with the iPhone and Android devices.

An official statement from the Pokemon Company needs to be taken before any further confirmation of the game coming to Nintendo Switch.

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