Stephen Hawking Set To Go To Space; Virgin Galactic's Richard Branson Offers Him A Seat; Thoughts On Trump And Brexit

By Jeff Thompson - 21 Mar '17 09:25AM

In a recent interview, Stephen Hawking confirmed that he is planning to make a space trip which he has been dreaming for long. Interestingly, he will travel aboard the Virgin Galactic spacecraft of Richard Branson. It is reported that Branson was personally offering Hawking a seat on its commercial spacecraft mission - once it starts its commercial operations.

In an interview with Good Morning Britain, Hawking said that he never thought his dream would come true one day. "I believed that no one would be interested in taking me but Richard offered me an option in the Virgin Galactic, and I replied yes, immediately," Hawking said. Branson was trying to take-off his commercial mission from 2009, and it got some debacles and problems and could not launch the project until date. With the latest revelations by Hawking, it can be said that Branson is working on taking the project off and the launch announcement can be expected soon.

In the interview, Hawking also shared his understanding on Donald Trump, and he said that he would no longer feel welcomed to the U.S. He pointed out that Trump was elected by some anti-establishment people, who were not happy with the elite ruling class. "Anti-establishment people voted for him as they were upset with the governing elite, and it should be treated as a revolt against them. He would try to fulfill the electorate that is not well-informed and liberal," Hawking said in the interview.

Hawking also expressed his views on Brexit and confirmed his views against the move-out. He pointed out that the government should look for options to avoid a "hard Brexit" as that can leave U.K "inward-looking and isolated." "We should try to retain and build links with Europe and other countries around the world, particularly China. If we were continuing with the EU, we could have better influenced the world," Hawking added.

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