Bill Gates Meets With President Donald Trump; Gates Listed As The Number One Richest Person On The Planet

By Carrie Winters - 21 Mar '17 06:52AM

Bill Gates is one of the richest men on the planet and he is set to meet President Donald Trump. The list of the richest people is out and the number rose to 13% this year.

According to a report, Bill Gates who has been listed as the number one richest man on the planet does not agree with President Trump to cut aids towards the world's poorest countries. Gates had a chance to air his concerns regarding the matter in a meeting with the president at the White House.

Gates and Trump met at the White House and the conversation between the two personalities had been closed to the press. However, Gates Foundation spokeswoman, Sarah Logan shared in an email that the meeting would be about development initiatives.

It is reported that Trump released a statement that the government will cut aids to foreign countries by 28.7%. Gates then responded in a blog post that foreign aids benefit the poor but also is helping Americans. Gates pointed out that a U.S. program under President George Bush donated $70 million in funds to other countries. The amount treated more than 11 million people with HIV and AIDS. It is indicated that the instability and violence then decreased significantly.

Additionally, the blog post also indicated that by initiating programs such as health, security, and economic opportunity it will help promote the other countries' stability. Gates believes that foreign aid can actually make America safer.

Meanwhile, Forbes' list of the richest people on the planet is out. It is indicated that Bill Gates is the number one richest person for four years already. His fortunes rose to $86 billion from $75 billion last year. In the meantime, Jeff Bezos of Amazon is also on the list and his fortune rose to $72.8 billion this year. This made him part of the top three richest people on the planet this year. Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook rose to number five for the first time.

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