‘Battlefield 1’ News And Updates: Easter Eggs Spotted In The Flying House; What To Shoot To Get Eggs

By Jeff Thompson - 21 Mar '17 06:14AM

The Battlefield 1 Easter eggs are possibly spotted in the game quite similar to the way the game introduces the hidden secrets of the game. A flying house is noted in the game and considering the way new things are introduced into the game, it is widely believed that the house carries Easter eggs.

Considering the release of Battlefield 1 DLC They Shall Not Pass, there were expectations that the Easter eggs would be spotted with the update. Interestingly, the flying house is considered to be an attribute to "Up," the animated film. Since the game is following hidden secrets strategy for various Easter eggs in any Battlefield game, the current one also has a process to trigger the Easter eggs. People who play at the latest Verdun Heights map would see three bottles of wines, and they have to break it by shooting. Then, the gamers should locate three rooftop weathervanes and shoot at them as well.

Once the process is completed, the gamers would see a floating house over the battlefield which is carried by three balloons. Note that the balloons would be carrying the colors of the French flag. This is expected to create some confusion for the enemies as they wonder what is happening on the battlefield. The gamers can also effectively utilize this space to hunt down some of the enemies during the course. People who watched the movie Up would surely relate the sequence with the movie.

Though the DLC is not released to everyone, the latest update confirms that it will be available for everyone on March 28. It adds three more maps apart from Verdun Heights that includes Rupture, Soissons, and Fort Vaux. The DLC also adds a new game mode called, "Frontlines," and it is explained by the developer as "a mixed experience of rush and conquest when you fight for attached control points in the frontline tug-of-war." The developer also confirms that it would bring three more DLCs after They Shall Not Pass.

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