Solitary Humpback Whales Now Travel In Groups; Scientists Consider This As Strange Behavior

By Carrie Winters - 21 Mar '17 05:30AM

Scientists are recently trying to figure out why the humpback whales are suddenly hanging out in groups. The said mammal is known to be a solitary one.

According to a report, this strange behavior from the humpback whales has been spotted near the coast of South Africa. The whales that were spotted come in 20 to 200 and they all seek for food. The researchers found this a recent behavior for the humpback whales strange.

It is indicated that humpback whales are usually solitary animals. These whales found being in super groups is a strange behavior that has been looked into recently. The researchers shared that the reason for these whales to be in groups is still unknown. It may be that there are several preys that they can find in the specific location.

This is the first time that the researchers observed something like this. They intend to find out more about the recent behavior of the humpback whales. The recent behavior of the humpback whales may be a positive sign and may mean that there is something more in the ocean in these recent times.

Another mysterious occurrence about the humpback whales in groups is that they usually visit the area in winter but at this time these whales have been spotted during springtime. Additionally, the researchers suggest that the behavior of these animals may have changed during the course of time.

It is also indicated that the availability of their prey may also have changed. The feeding patterns of the humpback whales may specifically have changed at this time. In a different view, global warming may be one reason to conclude regarding the phenomenon.

Meanwhile, it is reported that the humpback whales went extinct previously because of commercial whaling. These animals were preserved when the Endangered Species Act was made into effect in 1973.

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