Former MMA Star War Machine Guilty; Court Convicts Fighter Of 29 Counts Of Assaulting Ex

By Marguerite Chang - 21 Mar '17 05:30AM

Jonathan Koppenhaver, more known as "War Machine", faced the court and was convicted as guilty in sexually assaulting his former girlfriend. The Las Vegas jury also found him guilty of kidnapping. The jury found him guilty of 29 counts of sexual assault and of beating his former lover Christine Mackinday. Mackinday is also known as Christy Mack, her adult film name.

Koppenhaver was also found guilty of assaulting Corey Thomas whom he found was in Mack's apartment during the day that he attacked her. Mackinday has accused Koppenhaver of abusing and sexually assaulting her which led to her broken nose, fractured eye socket, missing teeth, lacerated liver and leg injuries. Mackinday has also accused Koppenhaver of threatening to kill her and then raped her. According to Mack the abused made her unconscious and when she came to, she allegedly ran naked to her neighbor and sought refuge.

The ex-MMA fighter legally changed his name from Koppenhaver to War Machine as he enjoyed the limelight during his MMA career. He was sentenced using his birth name. His lawyers are preparing to appeal the verdict as he is facing life imprisonment because of his convictions.

Koppenhaver's lawyers agree that the fighter is guilty of beating Mackinday but they are saying that he is not in the attempted murder and the sexual assault case. In his defense, the lawyers have said that War Machine may not be in his right mind as he is allegedly suffering from brain injuries because of the brutal career that he has had for the years that he has been with the MMA.

The player's defense attorneys have claimed that the fighter is suffering from "roid rage" even as his former girlfriend has claimed that she has "watched him inject himself." Roid rage is a form of abusing steroids to build muscles.

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