Marcus Spears Advices Ezekiel Elliott To Stop Behaving Like "Dumb"

By Jeff Thompson - 20 Mar '17 18:51PM

Former defensive end of Dallas Cowboys, Marcus Spears asked Ezekiel Elliott to stop behaving like "dumb". Spears was reacting to the incident which Elliott pulled down the top of a woman during the St. Patrick's Day parade. The incident created widespread anger across the U.S., and currently, the NFL is investigating the incident further. Elliot was caught even before for his off-field behavior.

Spears was criticizing the Cowboy's running back in a Dallas radio interview. Spears has spent eight seasons of his nine-season career with Cowboys and retired after 2013 season. "The guy has to stop being dumb," Spears said. "That is what it actually creates the problem." Elliot was last year spotted in a domestic violence issue, and an NFL investigation is already under process. Elliot was considered to be star-rookie of Cowboys in 2016 as he completed 1,631 yards with five touchdowns. His impressive performance helped the team to clinch the NFC East title.

"My wife and I discussed the issue last night and considering there are social media and media we are asked to talk about the issue again and again. The guys should understand that there are things to do and there are things not to do as a human and at the end of the day, people would be watching them not just as players but as part of Cowboys team," Spears continued. "I think Zeke should lay low, have fun, but do it in the proper way and in a respectable way. At the end of the day, nobody should be able to pinpoint you apart from the hard work you put through and the level of achievements."

Now, the advice seems to apply to all the NFL players considering the fame and success they achieve in their younger ages. There is a perception now that though NFL won't take any action against Elliot, the recent incident would hit his social image badly.

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