NFL 2017 News and Updates: Cowboys Set To Release Tony Romo

By Jeff Thompson - 09 Mar '17 16:12PM

There are reports that Cowboys has decided to release Tony Romo on Thursday. It has been rumored for some time, and now he can choose a new team for the 2017 season. There are reports confirming that the decision on releasing the quarterback was taken after his conversation with Jerry Jones, the owner and general manager of Cowboys, on Tuesday.

This means that the team would go to the next season with Dak Prescott in full faith. Interestingly, the team is looking to bring the veteran quarterback Josh McCown to support Prescott, according to sources. The 37-year old player is a free agent now, and he was playing for Cleveland Browns during the last season. McCown has more than 13 years of NFL exposure, and he played for ten teams. He is known for consistency, and sources confirm that Cowboys management visited him on Wednesday.

Incidentally, Romo is the all-time franchise leader in touchdowns and passing yards. He completed 34,183 yards along with 248 touchdowns in total during his 13-year-long career with Cowboys. The injuries have taken the game from the 36-year old, and he could not be available almost the entire 2016 season as he was struggling from an L1 vertebra fracture in the back. Reports are suggesting that he could be recruited by Texans or Broncos. It is his first team change as he was playing for Cowboys from the starting of his career.

It is reported that Jones waited to trade Romo with other teams, but when it failed he decided to release the player. The move will help the Cowboys save $14 million considering the cap this year. Romo will still be counted in a $10.7 million cap in 2017 and $8.9 million for 2018. The move by the management of Cowboys was not a surprise considering the last season of Romo and the quick growth of Prescott as the Offensive Rookie of the team and the year.

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