Stephen Hawking Warns Technology Advancement Could Wipe Out Humanity; Asks World Leaders To Control Robotics And AI

By Jeff Thompson - 09 Mar '17 15:57PM

Stephen Hawking once again came out against the potential threats created by technology advancements especially by Robotics and Artificial Intelligence. While the world population is worried about job-loss and other imminent troubles, he lashed out and said that it could wipe out the humanity from the earth.

Hawking said that people have to stand together to protect humanity from being wiped out. He says that it is the need of the hour to form a global government to manage and control the both robotics and AI. "It would look like tyranny and might look strange as well, but I am optimistic on that. I am hopeful that the human would stand up to meet these challenges on time," Hawking said in a recent interview. He also said that human aggression is shaped in such a way that it can wipe out everyone in a nuclear war or biological war. He advised the humans to control the instinct by reason and logic.

Even before, he came against the potential threats by both the technologies. "The biggest challenge of AI is not about malice but competence," He wrote in 2015. "A highly intelligence AI system is extremely useful in completing our tasks, but if those results are not for the benefit of us, there is a real trouble." He was a vocal supporter of various peace initiatives between countries. While discussing the possibility of aliens, he said that if aliens are coming to earth, it has a high probability that those aliens may destroy the earth.

Interestingly, the advancement of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics have received severe criticism in the recent years. Tech majors including Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla and SpaceX and Bill Gates warned about the advancement of these technologies and pointed out the potential threats. Former President, Barack Obama was also worried about the situation of evil minds exploiting these technologies.

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