Samsung Gear S3 Frontier Promises Smooth Usage and Superb Performance

By Maria Follet - 30 Jan '17 05:30AM

Smartphone are now imitating life. They now have buddies just like humans to assist them on the busy and small details of lives. In the case of Samsung, it's their latest Gear S3 Frontier.

It can be called as a smartwatch since it enables the user to gain access from the phone's apps with just a touch on the watch. A review from Digital Trends says that this smartwatch is worth its $350 price.  Samsung Gear S3 Frontier is very sporty and it has a rugged silicone strap.

Its rotating steel enables the user to gain access to apps of the Samsung smartphone, as well as receiving notifications hassle-free. And, having it wet during light rain is no problem. The Samsung Gear S3 Frontier is designed to endure water in a meter depth with a maximum time of thirty minutes under, thus, gaining a waterproof rating of IP68.

Using Bluetooth, emailing, or using the microphone during hands-free calling, the Samsung Gear S3 Frontier never fails to make every person's job at ease.  A report from Express  says that the update has already been in installations of Gear S3 Frontier users from the United States. However,users from the UK will have to wait for the update.

So to those who wanted to update the gear, here's what to do: First, pair the Gear S3 Frontier to the Samsung smartphone being used through accessing the Gear Manager App. Second, go to the Settings menu and immediately tap the Update Gear Software bar. Instructions on how to download the update will appear.

Now, the competition is not just on the smartphones, but its varied gears also share the same fight right in the present. And Samsung has been very persistent in keeping their promise of a better smartphone experience through Samsung Gear S3 Frontier.

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