Myst Updates: Myst Now on Play Store, Amazon; Video Teaser Shows World of Myst

By Maria Follet - 29 Jan '17 19:25PM

Myst has been enticing gamers. And now that it will be reaching android phones soon. The Myst was first released during 1993 and became the top-selling game of all time until the year 2002. It was also first played through CD-ROM has been one of the most sought PC games at that time. 

For those who have no knowledge about this addictive game, Myst is a puzzle game. But it is not an ordinary puzzle game like word puzzles. In this game, players will enter into a very mysterious world where one is tasked to solve mysteries. These mysteries will then give the player some important answers as to what kind of world the Myst is.

A video trailer about the game was published at Engadget where one can see the many places of the world of realMyst. Aside from the Greek temples and grand pillars on an island, there are also mystic places such as tree houses, and a palace that looks like a broken clock, along with an island consisting of broken rocks.

This game can be played on Android, having superb 3D Images. So that really makes playing the game more exciting than ever. Even new players will surely appreciate the different storyline the Myst has in store nowadays.

For those who don't have Play Store with them, there should be no worries because Myst will be available to other online shops such as Amazon App Stores and Riven.

According to Tech Crunch, the game is in partnership with Cyan, the game's original studio as well as Noodlecake, which is known to be a mobile game developer from Canada.

Myst or realMyst? The same article also detailed that chances are big for the developers to choose its first and original name. There are still no explanations for that but if to think deep, perhaps its purpose is to strengthen its identity and for it to remain familiar especially to the gamers in the 1990s.

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