New York Knicks Succumbs To Denver Nuggest; Derrick Rose Absence Hurt The Team's Chances?

By Abe Narra - 19 Dec '16 05:30AM

A Carmelo Anthony return in New York Knicks was not enough to manage to win the "must-win" game against Denver Nuggets with 127-114. Anthony returned after missing last Thursday's game due to soreness of his shoulder.

Point Guard Derrick Rose sat out of the game because of what he is experiencing from back spasms. This resulted to his absence on four of the Knick's six games because of his ailment. Brandon Jennings replaced Rose on the Saturday game.

Knicks coach Jeff Hornacek admitted that Rose could have made their performance better.  He said that Brandon has the skills to drive the team but Rose is different with his finishes that draw other players into their lanes.

Anthony had a score of 29 points on the 10-of-14 shooting from the field against Nuggets, his former team. He is still winless against the team after he was traded to the Knicks back in 2011.

His shoulder was injured during the first quarter of the Knick's victory against Los Angeles Lakers last Sunday. It was seen that he really struggled with his that night. On the next game, same thing was noticed.

Anthony has a trouble shooting in the Knicks game against the Phoenix Suns, with the combination of 7-for-31 from the field. He told to reporters that it affected his shot and he felt healthy and better after having a rest.

According to him, he decided to rest last Thursday, missing the Thursday games against the Golden State Warriors. This was his first miss this season. Without Anthony, the Knicks are 0-11 over the past two seasons.

Could the Knicks have Rose back? It is still unclear. Rose, 28, already missed four out of six Knicks' past games and portions of other two because of the back spasms he is receiving. An MRI showed that Rose had no structural issue on his back.

He'd played in every game in his first season with the Knicks before having back spasms in New York's win over Miami Tuesday.

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