'Super Mario Run' Is Now Available On iOS App Store; Here's How You Can Unlock 5 More Characters: Luigi, Peach, Yoshi, Toad & Toadette

By Christon Jervil Ligon - 16 Dec '16 04:46AM

Apple users can now get a chance to sample Nintendo's highly-anticipated Mario mobile game, as their Android counterpart wait for their turn until 2017.

The "Super Mario Run" Is Finally Here, At Least For The iOS Devices

"Super Mario Run," which is dubbed as the "new Mario game you can play with one hand," is now free to download on iPhones and iPads via the App Store. The access is free for just a certain portion of the game, and gamers would need to pay 10 bucks to enjoy the full content.

The "Super Mario Run" game app is the first of its kind from Nintendo's Mario franchise that was released in the mobile gaming platform. And even before its launch, it was expected for the game to reap the same amount of success as the other Mario titles.

"Mario is one of the best-loved and established icons of gaming and I think this is going to be tremendously successful," Piers Harding-Rolls of IHS Technology consultancy said, via BBC. "By launching this smart device game, Nintendo is opening Mario up to people who might be attracted by a sense of nostalgia as well as introducing a new generation of gamers to the brand."

For those interested, you can head to this page and download the "Super Mario Run" app. Gamers need to have an internet connection in order to play the new Mario game, as was the case in the other hit mobile game "Pokemon Go." This is in order to prevent piracy according to the developer.

Want To Try Out A Different Character Other Than Super Mario? Here's How

If you feel like you already had enough of Mario, then you can also try unlocking the other characters for more option.

You can play as Toad after linking your My Nintendo account to "Super Mario Run," wrote GameSpot. Princess Peach, however, can only be unlocked by completing the game's 24 World Tour levels. Luigi, Yoshi, and Toadette, meanwhile, can be obtained after collecting different items in the Toad Rally mode, as per International Business Times.

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