Super Mario Run Officially Launched Expected To Make $60 Million In First Month

By Jomvie Reyes - 16 Dec '16 03:54AM

Super Mario Run, Nintendo's next highly anticipated Smartphone game is already out in the market. And according to research firm SuperData, it is going to come out the entry hot. Nintendo's Super Mario Run is a landmark game for the company. It is the first game developed by Nintendo that is not on their hardware.

Instead, it will be launching on iOS devices, with an Android version soon to follow. Unlike Miitomo, which wasn't really a game, and Pokemon GO, which was not developed by Nintendo, Super Mario Run is unabashedly a Nintendo game coming to mobile devices.

Nintendo revealed that the game would require an internet connection to play. And then all of that leads us to today: with the release of Super Mario Run onto iOS devices.  And it's going to be a magnificent release.

According to Research firm SuperData, it expects Super Mario Run to reach around 30 million downloads and bring in $60 million in its first month. Players can pay a one-time fee of $9.99 to unlock all the game's content.

The company noted that this is well below Pokemon Go, but that game was launched on iOS and Android simultaneously. The Android version of Super Mario Run is coming later, though a specific release date has not been announced.

It might be possible to play the game through an iOS emulator for Android. But it's not likely to work well, involves downloading the game illegally, and it's probably going to be better for it to wait for the Android release date.

Nintendo's entry into the mobile game market earlier this year has so far been successful. Its social media app "Miitomo" did well, while "Pokemon Go" was developed by Niantic, which Nintendo has a stake in and went viral. "Super Mario Run" was developed by Nintendo and DeNA however, which should help Nintendo see more of the revenue from the game.

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