‘Clash Of Clans’ Latest News: Holiday-Themed Update Set To Launch Before Christmas; ‘Clash Royale’ Characters Included

By Harry J. - 15 Dec '16 09:46AM

There are speculations that say Supercell, the developer and publisher of "Clash of Clans" will launch an update of the game before Christmas. It will be a holiday-themed update just in time for the Christmas. Although the developer has been churning out teasers here and there, it has been secretive about the details regarding their Christmas-themed patch causing a lot of rumors to spread around the gaming community.

Rumors Of A Big Update Soon Are Going Around

There are rumors that "Clash of Clans" will get a big update this month including tons of new content. The last time the developer updated the game was during Halloween in November, where various Halloween-themed items and modifications were added. What's good about the developer is that it hasn't skipped a beat with regards to the release of these types of updates and patches.

This bolsters the confidences of players, that despite the lack of pertinent details, they are sure of getting the latest patches of "Clash of Clans" at the time the company promised them. Therefore, it is almost sure that players will receive their Christmas-themed patches sooner than later. But still, rumors abound among players as to the kind of updates they will receive.

Some Say Items From "Clash Royale" Will Be Added

Some rumors say that "Clash of Clans" updates will include a number of new game modes. It is also possible that there will be additional troops added that will come from the spin-off "Clash Royale." Some believe that the units that will be added may include The Lumberjack and the Ice Wizard. Considering that the theme of the patches is winter; it would make perfect sense that the game creator will add certain items from the ice-themed "Clash Royale" into the game.

However, the developer has not given a definite date and time when they will release the "Clash of Clan" patches. It just kept on teasing that the update is coming very soon. But many have speculated that the patches will be released and will become live a couple of days before Christmas or maybe even earlier.

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