SpaceX To Delay Dragon Capsule Launch To 2018, First Manned Flight To ISS

By Erika Ivene - 14 Dec '16 09:49AM

The SpaceX is slowly recovering from the sudden explosion of its Falcon 9 rocket last Spetember. And as the company recently postponed to January 2017 its Iridium-1 return flight, another delay is also finalized this time with the Crew Dragon V2.

This particular Dragon V2 capsule is SpaceX's first manned space capsule to be launch to the International Space Station and was formerly scheduled on a 2017 flight. However, certain events lead to a slight delay to its launch from next year to 2018.

According to speculations circling the space industry, this delay was caused by further investigation results obtained about the Falcon 9 explosion. In that case, to probably make sure, a demonstration flight of the Dragon V2 will take place on November 2017, one which has no human astronauts in it, reports The Verge.

This decision serves as a safety precaution for Elon Musk's space company, states The Daily Mail. A way to ensure that what happened last September with the Falcon 9 carrying a Facebook satellite, will not happen to the Dragon V2 with actual astronauts loaded in it. And as long as there are still no confirmed reasons for the explosion obtained in the ongoing investigation, they cannot be so sure and all aspects must be thoroughly checked and tested.

This SpaceX return space flight is a part of the NASA's Commercial Crew Program, a space activity which will be shared with Boeing. This mission will be the first NASA program that would allow private space firms to launch people to space.

It is remembered that SpaceX and Boeing are intense rivals when it comes to space launches and missions. However, theres is nothing to lose although the former delays its Dragon since Boeing's CS-100 starliner is reported to be delayed on a 2018 launch, too. 

The SpaceX Crew Dragon V2 capsule will be launched to the ISS on May 2018. No further details about its launch and crew are given by the company. Tune in to News Everyday for more updates.

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