Apple Air Pods Released: What Makes The Product Maical And Charming

By Mohender - 14 Dec '16 09:39AM

Apple has finally revolutionized the headphones while removing the 3.5mm jack. Users can order these coveted Air Pads on These Air Pods will also be available in Apple stores along with Apple authorized resellers.

Introduction Of Effortless Wireless Listening

The magical wireless headphones are equipped with advanced technology and it would be reinvented how people listen to music, play games and interact with the site, enjoy TV shows and movies and make phone calls. The wireless audio experience was not available in the past, Apple reports.

These Air Pods Are Shipping In Limited Quantity

Users need to check online for the updates on the estimated delivery dates as the availability includes an estimated four weeks for shipping. As far as the battery life of the headphones is concerned it would be derived from 24 hours of battery life with the charging case and the battery life would be five hours in case of a single charge, Forbes reports.

All this was made possible with the help of new ultra-low power Apple W1 chip. This chip enables the Air Pods to deliver high-quality audio along with industry leading battery life and the design is completely wireless.

Cost And Availability

These Air Pods will be available in 100 countries but they require Apple devices which are running the latest version of iOS 10. Their cost would be one hundred and fifty-nine dollars including the charging case.

Overall these Bluetooth wireless headphones do not require button pushing or any connection with the physical world. In fact, many wizards worked on the motion accelerometer and optical sensor technology of these Air pods. These are simply magical.

Apple was never known for the sound quality but these Air Pods can change the user's thoughts regarding the sound. Though the sound quality of these headphones is awesome but they do not come with the phone.

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