'Enlisted' Release Date, News & Updates: First Look For The New Exciting World War II FIrst-Person Shooter Game, Unique Gameplay As Future Campaigns Will Be Decided By Fan Voting

By R. A. Jayme - 13 Dec '16 06:42AM

"Enlisted" is a new World War II-themed shooter game announced by Gaijin Entertainment. "Enlisted," features a squad-based online multiplayer system, as well as a campaign mode based on real-life historical battles.

Game Developer Darkflow Software is a Latvian studio and will run Gaijin Entertainment's Dagor Engine. The online multiplayer boasts a large scale battles of up to 100 players with maps being incredibly detailed while having some destructible elements.

The Battle of Moscow and the Battle of Normandy will serve as the inspiration behind the first two games. According to a press release, the campaigns have different phases, which are meant to reflect how the real-world battles played out over weeks or months in some cases. There will also be historically accurate characters and weapons, as reported by Game Spot.

According to producer Alexander Nagorny, a major element of Enlisted is its fan-focused nature. "Enlisted is an ambitious undertaking, unlike any game we have ever created," he said in a statement. "It will be a first-person shooter decided by the fans, for the fans. They will have direct input into what we create, including things like campaigns, game modes, even which platforms after PC we will support," as reported by International Business Times.

Gaijin Entertainment further announced that it will reinvest all proceeds from "Enlisted" into making more maps and game modes, and also to bring the game to consoles. The studio has set up a crowdfunding campaign on its official website where fans will be able to back the project and get special in-game items.

The studio promises to develop an African campaign if funding hits $250,000. As for its fan-focuses nature of developing, additional campaigns and other features could come later and as to be decided by fan voting if funding hits $500,000. Should the project bring in $1 million, the game will come to consoles, according to PC GamesN.

Players should be aware that campaigns of "Enlisted" will be standalone games and is now available for pre-order. For $22, the buyer will be able to play the the Battle of Moscow or the Battle of Normandy, along with other digital items. A $50 option comes with both, in addition to other digital goodies. Pre-purchasers will get early access to a closed beta for them scheduled for the second half of 2017.

To learn more about the game and to see a detailed FAQ, go to Enlisted's website.

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