Stronger Relationship Between Mexico And The United States Despite Of Governance Changes, Expected

By Rain Cervantes - 14 Dec '16 02:10AM

The United States and Mexico shared a maritime and land border in North America. They have always been an allied despite facing trials and changes of government. The countries are becoming stronger and more triumphant working together.

However, immigrants feared for their protections as Donald Trump may vanish the agreement that President Barack Obama offered. Ambassador Carlos Sada confirmed the strong bond with the United States during his address to the National Immigration Integration Conference Monday afternoon. The conference was planned before the president-elect Donald Trump's victory.

A large assembly, more than 1,000 refugee rights leader and immigrants were organized in Nashville since Trump's election. Nashville Mayor Megan Barry was one of the 18 big city mayors who requested to maintain the protections from deportation of thousands of immigrants. Knoxville Mayor Madeline Rogero confirmed that it was a terrible mistake of creating new policies for immigrants.

Mexicans also are concerned about the future of the North American Free Trade Act, and how the US incoming administration may seek out change or withdraw from the agreement. The border between the two countries symbolizes peace and security to the United States' national security and international trade. Undocumented immigration and illegal trade in drugs have been causes of differences between the two governments but also of cooperation on how to condemn illegal firearms.

The Mexico Institute at the Wilson Center found that the country creates an estimated 4.9 million jobs in the United States. Researchers confirmed that three economic shifts would depend on preserving economic relationships with the United States' southern neighbor.

The Global Trade Analysis Project examined the national data on employment, imports and exports, and production in 56 countries. The trades of majority jobs are depending with Mexico. These are service sectors, such as retail, finance, and healthcare. The fact that many jobs would vanish if the US will stop trading with Mexico.


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