'Steven Universe' Season 4 Updates; Rumors Of Cancelation; Cartoon Network's Silence On Issue; 'Steven Universe' Comic Books & More

By Marguerite Chang - 11 Dec '16 05:20AM

As the silence of "Steven Universe" Season 4 updates is still deafening, rumors have been abounding. The fact is that they just had their Winter finale - "Three Gems and a Baby" last December 1.

To add to the fans unrest, Cartoon Network is still silent about the official announcement whether "Steven Universe" will be back or not - and this is causing the fans unrest. Add to the mix of fan worries is the rumor that "Steven Universe" might even be canceled!

Fans are hoping that the "Steven Universe" Season 4 won't be gone for too long. Sources say that Cartoon Network may be listening to the clamor of the fans as they demand that the animated series be confirmed and continued.

Speculations have been pointing to a January 2017 return for "Steven Universe" Season 4. If the this will become a reality, expect to see "Steven Universe back by the first week of January. Fans can't help but be excited to see what comes next especially after the "Three Gems and a Baby" where it was painful to see the story of Steven as he was still small and being taken care of by Crystal and Greg.

Whose heart wasn't crushed at the scene where Pearl thought of getting the Gem from Steven so that Rose Quartz can be brought to life. But then, that was it. The producers of "Steven Universe" didn't give any more clues as to what will happen next.

One thing is for sure, "Steven Universe" Season 4 is one of the most anticipated seasons of the series. Fans can't help but feel frustrated with the fact that there's no definite date yet. If it is any consolation for the fans, though, "Steven Universe" will have a comic book series from Boom! Studios. The story will not be far behind what is being shown on TV.

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