CIA Report On Election Cyber-Attack: Russia’s Intervention On US Election Denied By Russian Government: When Will Truth Unfold?

By Archer Ferguson - 10 Dec '16 05:30AM

The Central Intelligence Agency concluded that Russia intervened with the US Election process during the election. Growing evidence surfaced of Russia's intervention says CIA officials.

After the call of Jill Stien from the Green Party for a vote recount on key States in the possible election fraud in US History, the CIA announced that after further investigation, Russia's intervention is true. "It is the assessment of the intelligence community that Russia's goal here was to favor one candidate over the other, to help Trump get elected," said CIA Senior Officer. However, he said this is a consensus view.

President Barack Obama's Action Plan

Over a month ago, before the eve of the election, speculation came to the public view that Russia is planning the hacking attack on the eve of the election. Now that the CIA made their official announcement on the White House briefing, the President made an order to put on a thorough investigation and review the events last election.

Russia's intervention, if proven is a grave breach of US Security and could further stain the US-Russo Relation. The US outgoing President will receive the report before the Inauguration of Donald Trump this coming January 20, 2017.

Russian Foreign Minister's Initial Reaction

Russia immediately denied the CIA accusation. "Many times the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Minister Lavrov have asked Americans to provide full information," said Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova of Russia Foreign Ministry.

The country she represents will take full cooperation with Russia's intervention accusation of the United States. The ministry said that Russia does not have any motives or point of interest with the US Election or engage in cyber-attacks.

President-Elect Donald trump's Opinion

Learning the information from the CIA briefing, the incoming President denied the allegation, and support Russia's statement of no involvement. His transition team also did not entertain this accusation until the review is submit

However, Republican Senators are the leading finger-pointing of Russia's intervention headed by Sen John McCain and Sen Lindsay Graham. The senators believe that Russia is a leading destabilizing influence of the United States.

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