Apple News & Updates: iPhone Battery Problem; iOS Bugs; AirPods Delay; iPhone 8 Leaks & Rumors; Samsung’s Patent Lawsuit Win Over Apple

By Tony Park - 10 Dec '16 07:56AM

Another week has passed and the Cupertino tech company is teamed with developments that are good, not so good, and really bad. The week started with more bad news about the battery problem, which is not only affecting the iPhone 6S handset. It ended with the delays facing the company's latest product, the AirPods.

According to Forbes magazine, Apple's battery issue is not only concentrated on the iPhone 6S. The tech company admitted that the problem extends beyond the iPhone 6s. Apple executive Tony Fadell confirmed cases involving different models. That is a very bad news!

Another bad news relates to a new bug, which allows users to bypass iOS 10.1.1 iCloud activation. This one is every serious. A security researcher from India was able to exploit a flaw in the iOS device setup process of a locked iPad.

Meanwhile, The Mirror reported that Apple's upcoming flagship phone, the iPhone 8, will have a 4K display, which is suited for virtual reality applications. Apple is reportedly planning to release the iPhone 8 between September 4 and September 17 next year. That is a good news!

For another really bad news, the U.S. Supreme Court decided in favor of South Korean tech company Samsung in relation to the patent damages lawsuit filed by Apple. The ruling invalidates the $399 million awarded to Apple when a 2016 lower court decision ordered Samsung to pay for infringing on Apple's iPhone design.

Apple's headaches continue to pile up with the delay of the AirPods Bluetooth earphones. The product was trumpeted by Apple as another breakthrough innovation. However, the company has not made AirPods available in time for the critical holiday season. This is a rare misstep for the tech giant, says the Wall Street Journal.

Tim Cook must visit his doctor or psychologist soon! The video below reports on Samsung's legal victory in its patent lawsuit filed by Apple.

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