‘WWE 2K17’ PC Version Release News And Updates: It Can Be Expected In Early 2017, Know More About It Here

By Jeff Thompson - 10 Dec '16 05:50AM

Almost two months  has passed since the release of "WWE 2K17", but no information regarding the PC version of the game was made available. But, now the developer is reported to be getting ready for the release of WWE 2K17 PC version and the release can be expected by end of January or early February 2017.

It was to a fan's query, WWE 2K17 developer replied in the official Twitter page that an update regarding the same can be expected in the coming year. It can be expected that the release date of WWE 2K17 PC version will be announced in the New Year. Now, the game is only available on Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4, and all these versions were released on Oct. 11. 

It is from "WWE 2K15", the developer started releasing a PC version of the game. The game was officially released in consoles by end of October 2014 and a PC version released on April 28, 2015. When it came to "WWE 2K16", the console release was in the end of October 2015, but PC version got an early release in March 2016. If this trend of advancing the date continues, WWE 2K17 PC version would arrive on end of January or early February.

The early release of WWE 2K17 PC version can be seen as an attempt to integrate the release of both console and PC versions of the game in future. It should be noted that a sudden integration will reduce the sales period of a particular year's PC version in the market. Also, the fans in the social media thronged for an early release of WWE 2K17 PC version and the developer has to really pitch into it to hold the demand.

There can be a surprise WWE 2K17 PC version release around New Year as well. The game had issued a recent update known as Legends Pack DLC, which added a number of WWE stars like Eddie Guerrero, Sycho Sid, Greg "The Hammer" Valentine etc. The developer is pretty quick in engaging DLCs considering Legends Pack was the second DLC within two months of the release of the game and now it would be working for an early release of WWE 2K17 PC version.

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