'Coco' Release Date, News & Updates: Pixar & Disney Collaboration Reveals First Look & Plot Details

By R. A. Jayme - 07 Dec '16 06:21AM

Currently less than a year from now and Pixar's next original offering will premiere. After patiently waiting, fans can now rejoice as Pixar has now released some details of its upcoming animated film "Coco".

According to Entertainment Weekly, "Coco" will revolve around the secret musical ambitions of 12-year-old Miguel Rivera (voiced by Anthony Gonzalez), who lives in a loud and lively Mexican village. The lead character was said to suppress his passion for music as his family is actually the only household in their village that despises music.

The reason of which is that Miguel's family, proud shoemakers, believe that they were cursed by music. The alleged curse that has hung over the Rivera family stretches back to his great-great-grandfather, who abandoned his wife decades earlier so that he could go off and perform.

When his great-great-grandfather, Miguel's great-great-grandmother Imelda was forced assume the position of the head of the family and the Rivera clan, and her first act was to declare that music was completely dead to every single member of the family forever.

However, as every animated film is, "Coco"  will show Miguel's passion grow even stronger after he discovers a link between himself and the late Ernesto de la Cruz (Benjamin Bratt). This will make Miguel decide to follow the footsteps of the legendary singer. Upon his exploration, he will accidentally enter the beautiful underworld known as the Land Of The Dead, according to Cinema Blend.

On his stay in the underworld, it will lead to his discovery that the souls of generation after generation of his family. He will search for Ernesto de la Cruz, with his new friend a trickster named Hector (Gael Garcia Bernal), with the goal of earning the blessing of his family to perform music publicly. These must all be achieved before his chance to return to the Land Of The Living ends.

"Coco", which is being described as "music-packed-but-not-quite-musical" will also feature an all-Latino cast. "It was important to us from day one that we had an all-Latino cast," Director Unkrich said. "It focused us, and we ended up with a fantastic mix of people-some from Mexico and some from Los Angeles."

Last Tuesday, Vanity Fair reported that Disney Pixar tweeted about the characters of "Coco". Currently, the official cast includes newcomer Anthony Gonzalez, as well as veterans Benjamin Bratt, Gael García Bernal, and Renée Victor. Meanwhile, there is no official trailer for the movie yet.

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