Bid Facebook Fake News Goodbye: How To Know One When You See One

By Erika Ivene - 27 Nov '16 06:51AM

These days, most fake news still become news because people read and, sadly, some of them believe it. One of the major reasons why fake news seen scattered around in Facebook get away with its trickery is that people who encounter them believe them like they do with real news.

On Thursday night, news about CNN airing porn for 30 minutes spread like wildfire on Facebook, reports USA Today. However, hours after it was confirmed to be a hoax, just another fake news shared. This incident showed how fast fake news is being shared on Facebook and other platforms.

The Huffington Post believes that fake news is not just Facebook's problem, but of everybody who encounters them on a daily basis. These fake news could bring further misinformation and eventually may cause harmful chaos to all those who carelessly believe them.

How To Distinguish Fake News

There are some instances that people who are into using Facebook believe these fake news more than the real ones. It's because people become less critical and informed these days, they easily fall for whatever is posted online.

There is no complicated code or hacking or even paid service to make these fake news stop from spreading malicious information. It's as simple as not easily believing and falling for them that will protect you from them. People need to be more aware and informed, they need to get out of their box to care and seek for the truth. Fake news won't spread if no one shares them, so don't go sharing fake news.

Fake news continues to spread because there can still get people to click them. And in the publishing industry, more hits mean more money. Unless these fake news are utilized to bring someone or something down or really spread to divide the people--that is a different story. But still, whatever the purpose these fake news have, it's the people's call to either help them misinform people or stop them from doing so.

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