Microsoft Surface Studio Starts Early Shipping, An Exclusive Support Line Made Available

By R. A. Jayme - 25 Nov '16 03:45AM

Some users have received their Surface Studio early as reports from the US have claimed. Microsoft had been set to start sending out units before Christmas, but has now begun emailing customers that pre-ordered their device to let them know it will arrive soon.

Head of Surface and Corporate Vice President for Surface Computing, Panos Panay, sent out an email to the Surface Studio customers. In the email, Panos Panay revealed that the company will be offering a dedicated support line for the new Surface Studio owners. With this dedicated phone line, Surface Studio owners will be able to get support for their new device very quickly when they have any early issues with it, as reported by

The email further stated that Microsoft wants the early Surface Studio buyers' first experience to be "absolutely perfect" which is what you would expect to see with a premium device like this. The news come from, which noted that Microsoft is also providing a dedicated phone line to new users to help them with any issues they may have with the new device.

If you wish to order the Surface Studio yet, Microsoft is still accepting pre-orders - but only in the US. However the company is warning that new device, which will cost around $3,000, will not be ship until early 2017, which is when it will also be made available to UK.

Back in October The Surface Studio was revealed by Microsoft alongside an improved Surface Book. Looking to target the creative industries such as production, design and animation, the device, which runs Windows 10, sports a 28-inch touchscreen, the thinnest display ever shipped, according to Microsoft.

This can be folded down to a 20-degree viewing angle, like the slanted desks found in art studios, with users able to use the latest generation Surface Pen to doodle, draw and annotate on the 28-inch touchscreen, according to MSPowerUser.

A new accessory was also introduced, the Surface Dial, that can be used to scroll through apps, settings and screens by twisting with your wrist. Surface Dial, available separately for $99.99, works together with the Surface Pen to bring additional functionality to a range of Windows applications.

For example, spinning the Dial can shuffle through multiple pages in a Word document, or will zoom into a photograph on the screen. Meanwhile, aside from all that mind-blowing features, Surface Studio has a built-in linear microphone array, so you can summon Cortana from across the other side of the room, whether the display is active or not.

Microsoft has also incorporated a high-definition camera into the front of the device, so that users can use Windows Hello, which lets you unlock the computer with facial recognition software.

If you are interested, you can get the Surface Studio here from the Microsoft Store.

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