Secret Startup Magic Leap Could Wipe Out Computers in the Near Future

By Zeus Labrador - 26 Nov '16 04:10AM

2016 marks the dawn of virtual reality games and other fun stuff but one article has spotted something secretive and at the same time would potentially destroy the VR industry. Enter hyper vision with Magic Leap, as they develop the next level on top of VR. It seems that the world's fiercest startup is hiding in plain sight and is not in Silicon Valley either, it's somewhere in Southern Florida.

According to an awesome blog by Wired and also via the video that you can view at the bottom of this article, Magic Leap is a secretive company that some people barely even know about. Blanketed by the success and fame of VR today, the company and its project still lurk in the shadows.

What is Magic Leap

They are a secretive startup company in the United States that is currently working on a virtual retinal display mounted on the head. The project superimposes 3D imagery over real world objects, much like AR but totally an advanced one. By utilizing a digital light field onto the user's eye, the images would seem as if they are actually rendered in the real world. Practical uses range from gaming to office applications, making the use of today's monitors obsolete. Currently, the light-field chip is done by using silicon photonics.

Rony Abovitz, founder, president, and CEO for Magic Leap summarizes their unnamed project as a digital light field signal that mimics how the visual part of the world works and it then mimics and interfaces with your brain. Sounds like science fiction but it won't be a tale anymore once it rolls out to the market in the near future.

Also, since Magic Leap headquarters is not located in Silicon Valley, a lot of tech companies make their pilgrimage towards south Florida to check every now and then the progress of the revolutionary light field based VR project that could topple down today's top VR producers and traditional computers in general.

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