Pokemon Go Update: After Releasing Ditto, Will Niantic Finally Launch Gen 2?

By Luna Curtis - 26 Nov '16 04:20AM

The latest Pokemon Go Update that brought changes to some of the Pokemon CP and launched Ditto to the mobile game definitely upped the ante, but admit it, it clearly lured the old Pokemon trainers back in and who knows, maybe new players, too. Aside from introducing the intriguing "Transform Pokemon" to the hit augmented reality game, they also held the "thank you" event from Nov. 23 till the 30th which produced double XP and stardust for loyal Pokemon Go players.

Well, it has been one fun week for both Niantic and PoGo followers. For sure, everyone's expecting for more Pokemon Go updates that would solidify its position on the top spot for the most downloaded mobile game. But what could Niantic bring into the table now to give more hype and excitement? Is Niantic brewing another event or is it going to finally reveal the highly awaited Gen 2 Pokemon? Will fans finally get to meet Chikorita, Togepi, Umbreon, Espeon, and the ever adorable, Pichu before 2016 ends?

Reports have mentioned that the genius team behind Pokemon Go was getting ready for some major December update. It even was speculated that after launching Ditto, Niantic's next move would be to add two more features to the game (we speculate Trading and PvP battles). By then, it would be the perfect time to introduce the second generation Pokemon. However, there's the Legendary Pokemon up for release yet, so which is it really?

Niantic CMO, Mike Quigley, confirmed to MCV UK that the Pokemon Go development team definitely have plans for upcoming events, among other projects. He added that they will provide more info weeks ahead and it was the essential part of their strategy for Ingress.

"We have core attributes of Niantic as a company - the first being around exploration and discovery, the second being around health and fitness and getting people active, and the third is real world social. Social networks have had a major impact on our lives, we know a lot of things happen digitally among fans and family that live miles away. It sounds really basic, maybe a little old school to some, especially younger demographics, but getting people together and having a positive shared experience is one of the attributes that Niantic really believes in, " Quigley added.

The Niantic CMO said in a conclusion that they believe real world events are going to be a part of their strategy but they have nothing to reveal as of yet. In simpler terms, no confirmation as to when Gen 2 Pokemon is really coming to Pokemon Go. So players can just focus on catching 'em all (on what's available) and becoming the very best, for now.

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