Another Facebook Malware: Online Scam. How Secured Are Your Personal Information With Facebook?

By Michael Davis - 23 Nov '16 09:50AM

Thousands of Facebook users tumbled to a scheme that leads to breach of secured personal information. There are offers of software installed to a user's computer that eventually get into details of personal information ranging from user's account credentials to financial details.

Some user thought a friend on their list sent them a message through messenger with a link. There are instructions on the message that dictates the victim to fall for the trap, reported on Telegraph.

First, it asks to go to the link and added instructions appear such as adding a program or the software to their chrome in order to view either streaming from youtube or a photograph. Upon a successful installation, it automatically takes the account from the user and copy all details needed by the theft.

These cyber criminals, published on Sci-Tech Today, can easily catch their prey, retrieve information such as internet banking details, and ultimately gather financial information. Further, it also uses the victim's account to other people and the cycle goes on.

"It seems that the Chrome extensions have been removed," said Bart Parys, one of the security computer researchers. "He also said the SVG file type is now being filtered for in Facebook". He also indicated in a statement that this kind of scheme include "ransomware" which locks devices until the owner can pay for it.

On MSN News, it indicates that Facebook is already aware of this problem and are doing the best they can to stop this. They have an automated system and increased its security safeguarding for matters such as this. Facebook also took the necessary actions by reporting the case to the right authorities.

It is high time that Facebook users and other social media users take the necessary action in protecting themselves. In this age, millions of people rely on information technology. It is up to the people to investigate and be aware of the things happening online. 

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