Kanye West Gets Booed After Supporting Donald Trump; Sources Say He Was "Misunderstood"?

By Roy Narra - 20 Nov '16 17:53PM
Kanye West, a hip-hop superstar known for his songs that tackle racism, surprised his fans at San Jose, California concert when he announced that he did not cast a vote but would have voted president-elect Donald Trump if he did.

The 39-year-old rapper, who also declared his plans of running for president in 2020, performed songs in the SAP Center Thursday night after his shocking announcement, where a large portion of audience booed the singer between performances.

He also added that people, especially the Blacks, should not focus only on racism issues, saying that the world is already racist and no candidate could ever change that.

After the upset win of Trump, thousands of Americans in various places took the streets to protest for the hate crimes like xenophobia, racism, and misogyny sparked during his campaign.

Some of his fans took Twitter to state their shock at the rapper's statement, with some declaring that they are no longer fans of Yeezy.

Yeezy has "appeared" with Trump before. In his controversial video for his song "Famous", he appears in bed with other naked wax figures celebrities and known personalities, including Trump.

Last year, President Barack Obama addressed West's intention to be the 46th president of US, joking that he was running for Speaker of the House.

Retracting his words

Sources close to West said that West had taken back his words that he said in the concert after being tagged as a traitor and even a racist. He also claimed that he is not endorsing Trump when he said he would have cast his ballot for him.

A source said that he's saying that everyone has a right to their opinion and it is important to have a discourse. The source also added that West delivered an egalitarian message.

He is still not retracting his plans of running for US president in 2020. He said he's still concerned about putting the concept of how to do the president's job in a new way and if no one will follow his concept, he will take the position and do it himself.

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