'We Bare Bears' Season 4 Air Date, News & Updates: Creator Reveals Show Hopes To Inspire People

By Roy Narra - 18 Nov '16 05:00AM

In light of the recent US Presidential elections, creator of the Cartoon Network original series We Bare Bears revealed to his fans why he pitched and created the show in the first place, hoping it would help the people who are "nervous for the future."

We Bare Bears creator Daniel Chong said in a statement posted on Twitter that three adorable bears --- a grizzly bear, a panda, and a polar bear --- are allegories to what it feels like belonging to a minority in America.

The creator emphasized also that the bears are receiving the treatment not only for comical purposes but also to show how people are unfairly treating other people because they just look different.

Chong, an Asian-American, is the only minority creator of a series currently airing at the 24-year-old children cable channel. He said the poor treatment of humans to the bears rooted from his own experience as a minority.

While he did not refer his statement as a response to the recent US elections where people fret over a surprise Donald Trump victory, Chong's statement is a timely reminder for people who are scared of what will happen on diversity, love, and understanding.

He added that We Bare Bears is targeted not only to kids who love watching animated shows but also to adults who feels the need to fit and belong to the society, especially if they are treated unfairly just because of how they look.

The statement also reaffirms his commitment in using his creativity in television for telling stories that "showcase the better and brighter parts of who we are as people and the virtues and flaws that connect us, not tear us apart."

One of the Storyboarder artists left the show

The November 17 episode called "Grizz Helps" marks as the last contribution of one of the major storyboarders Madeline Sharafian. She posted in her Tumblr account her departure.

She said she had fun working with the crew of the show. No other details of her departure were unveiled.

Is this a trouble for the show? Not really since in late-October, Cartoon Network renewed We Bare Bears for a third season.

The third season is scheduled to air in the first half of 2017. Second season episodes are still on air regularly on Cartoon Network.

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