'Steven Universe' Update: Back-To-Back Episodes Premiere On Nov 17; Steven To Have New Powers Through Fusion, Says Report

By K. Aviles - 16 Nov '16 09:33AM

"Steven Universe's" premiere episode this coming November 17 will be an hour long for a back-to-back showing at 7:30 in the evening, according to spoiler reports. The episode is reportedly about a stranger whom Steven will meet when he visits the barn in autumn.

A report claims that Ashley Burch will be joining the cast that will provide the voices for the characters in "Steven Universe," and although there is no confirmation yet, a redditor suggested Burch is voicing a character for the "Gem Harvest" season and will continue until the next. Also according to the redditor, the stranger, a gem, will be freed by Steven and will draw contrasting reactions from existing gems.

Based on the teaser photo released, gems Lapis Lazuli and Garnet will be pleased to meet the stranger, while Peridot and Pearl Amethyst will be surprised. Speculations also say the new gem will initially be violent towards Steven, but will eventually mellow down. In trying to justify such theory, the redditor relied on the premiere episode's title, "Steven's autumn visit to the barn brings a new stranger into his life."

Another fandom theory says Ashley Burch will be voicing for a character that is allegedly a fusion of Steven and a gem, resulting in the fused character's newly gained powers. An earlier report proposed a fusion of Steven with one of his gem protectors. Mstars News says the fused character will enable Steven to battle the Blue and Yellow Diamond, which are slated to return to the show.

Meanwhile, a different fan theory claims the supposed "stranger" in the opening episode of Steven Universe will be his uncle. This speculation is based on the first trailer video released by The Roundtable on YouTube. The video presents Steven who is holding on to a plane's wing and the pilot is allegedly the new character.

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