‘Rape Melania’ Offensive Sign, Outraged Public

By Mary Lourd - 15 Nov '16 22:55PM

Anti-Trump rally had a disturbing "Rape Melania" sign from a protester holding the offensive handwritten phrase during Saturday night in Washington D.C.'s Trump International Hotel which went viral on Twitter. Melania Trump is a Slovene-American former model who is married to the President-elect of the United States, Donald Trump.

Many were angered to the inappropriateness and criticized the technology giant for not removing it from the trending and discussed subjects. It is a ridiculous way of denouncing feminism and way to condoning violence and misogyny. So, why does Twitter allow #RapeMelania to trend? Is it suitable?


According to The Washington Post, Twitter customized trending topics based on who users follow and where they are located and highlighted that the phrase trended because people denounced it, not because people advocated sexual assault.

The image was pointed as being fake and edited. One tweeter pointed that all other signs are facing forwards in the image, as the holders are facing a different direction and aiming out the lack of depth to the image.

According to Geller,  the call for violence against Mrs. Trump didn't start online and the targeting of her comes after days of calls from those on the left to protest the billionaire's presidency, including some from the celebrity arena that has outright supported assassination.

Since Donald Trump was elected president of the United States in the past week, people have been understandably upset and it seemed that party was well aware of the threats since Trump was elected on Tuesday. They explained that the mechanisms in place will determine which threats more were concerning than others.

Liberals, Hillary's supporters, and Trump's critics are stressing that a single protester does not represent all of them. The trending topic has caused an uproar for all the wrong reasons and the trend later vanished Sunday afternoon after many expressed their outrage.

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