'Ghost In The Shell' Updates, Trailer; From Manga to Film; Scarlett Johansson Not Credible to Play Human-Cyborg Hybrid?

By Marguerite Chang - 03 Nov '16 05:38AM

"Ghost In The Shell" will star a Hollywood actress in the adaptation of the anime series  that will be shown soon.  Originally created by Japanese manga writer Masamune Shirow, fans have been questioning the credibility of the adaptation casting American actress Scarlett Johansson as the main protagonist.

But Susan Cheng  spoke with the film's producer Steven Paul, where the latter explains that he believes the fans will be happier when they see the movie.  Paul stands in the conviction that "Ghost in the Shell" starred by Johansson is an international film and not just Japanese.  

First, he clarified that Johansson's character will simply carry the name Major, even if she is actually known as Major Kusanagi in the original source.  There will also be a lot of nationalities being cast in "Ghost in the Shell" including Japanese, Chinese and French actors.  Paul also defends the adaptation from the controversy saying the story is not just focused on Japanese, but in the entire world.

"Ghost in the Shell" Producers also say they are proud of how the movie would turn out because there has been a great respect being given to the manga.  Paul even went on to say that Shirow and the company that first produced the "Ghost in the Shell" manga have been supported and very involved in making the film.  They trust that the show's fans will be very satisfied as well.

As to which part of the "Ghost in the Shell"  manga series will be adapted into the film, Terri Schwartz says it is in fact all of it.  Quoting executive producer Michael Costigan, the adaptation will serve as sort of a portal into their universe.  Costigan even proudly declared that they have been acting like geeks in making the movie because they really want to bring it out as faithfully as they can, so he is very excited for the fans.

The casting of Scarlett Johansson in "Ghost in the Shell" has also been supported by her fellow actors in the film, especially with the Major's mother played by Japanese actress Kaori Momoi.

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