'Blue Bloods' Season 7 Episode 6 Spoilers; Is Frank Reagan Guilty of Abusing His Power?

By Marguerite Chang - 26 Oct '16 03:58AM

"Blue Bloods" Season 7 episode 6 might prove to be another exciting episode as somebody from the NYPD is accusing the top ranks of the office with of abuse of power. Commissioner Frank Reagan, played by Tom Selleck, will have to be on his toes as he tries to discover who the whistleblower from the inside is.

The whistleblower is claiming that he has solid evidence to support his claim and this makes Danny Reagan (Donnie Wahlberg) uncomfortable.  This is expected as he always takes accusations against the family seriously.

The promo trailer starts off with a woman calling out to someone and then being hit hard by a car; hard enough to break the windshield of the car and making her bounce off to the pavement. This scenario was witnessed by Danny and he ran to help her asking people around to call 911.

The next scene shows Danny inside the room with the coroner as she gives him her findings about what happened to the victim.  The coroner expresses her surprise that prior to the accident the victim can still walk and talk. She adds that it is quite impossible for a woman like her to still be able to do what she did at the state that she was in. The coroner hinted that the victim may have been forcibly drugged, against her will.

Danny is then seen forcibly opening a locker and finding a pack of pills and then a series of violent scenes follow.

"Blue Blood" has always been consistent in their ratings. There are rumors that Tom Selleck might leave the show and this will be his last season.  Set whispers say that because of his status, producers are having a hard time keeping up with his talent fees.

Amidst the speculations of a possible cancellation in the coming days, Blue Bloods is still going strong.  

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