'Star Wars: Episode 8' Spoilers: Kylo Ren Linked To Darth Vader, Is She A Double Agent? Finn Recovers

By KLDatoy - 19 Oct '16 15:24PM

Fans of the much-awaited film "Star Wars: Episode 8" are looking forward to interesting twists that may happen in the movie. Of course, we are sure that there is indeed something surprising that will happen.

Recent spoilers reveal that Kylo Ren is a double agent who is working for the Force. This theory started on Reddit. It says that Luke Skywalker sent Kylo Ren to the First Order in order to work as a secret agent for the Resistance. It added that the evidence for this is the fight with Rey wherein Ren held back because he knew who she is, Breathe Cast reported.

Another proof for that is when Ren hid the true location of Luke Skywalker. Also, she didn't agree to use the Starkiller to destroy the Resistance base. The first time Ren met Skywalker was in Episode 7 wherein Skywalker wasn't surprised when he saw her. She also learned very quickly during the training.

Speculations for "Star Wars: Episode 8" reveals that Skywalker sensed Ren through the force. Others are even saying that she is the daughter of Skywalker. Fans also noted Ren's resistance to kill Finn is another indicator that she could indeed be a double agent.

As for Finn, fans theorize that he recovers from the light saber battle that occurred in the episode 7, Independent reported. It is said that the upcoming movie is a follow-up of how Finn survived.

It is also teased by makingstarwars.net that Finn is kept in a bubble suit in order to help him recover from injuries. A medical team is monitoring his healing process. One scene in the installment is Finn being removed from the suit. After recovering, he will start a journey to look for Rey, Skywalker, and R2-D2.

"Star Wars: Episode 8" will arrive in theaters on Dec. 15, 2017.

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