'‪Red Dead Redemption' 2 Release Date, News, Update: Rockstar Games Teases Release

By KLDatoy - 17 Oct '16 23:11PM

It has been five years since Rockstar Games revealed a new game. With that, many are anticipating the release of the "Red Dead Redemption" 2.

For years, fans are just satisfied with mere leaks and speculations about the game. But this time, Rockstar Games seems to tease that "‪Red Dead Redemption" 2 will soon be out, even if they didn't confirm that.

Rockstar Games suddenly changed their logo on social media accounts with a red background. It didn't even come with a caption. It was shared plainly that way. With that, many fans re-tweeted and inquired what it is about. But apparently, many guessed that it is a teaser that they will soon be releasing the most anticipated "Red Dead Redemption" 2.

After that, they released another image. This time, it does appear like concept art for the game. It comes in black and red with seven cowboy silhouettes which are speculated to be a Magnificent Seven reference or it could mean that there are seven playable characters, Euro Gamer noted.

To recall, many speculated that a new Red Dead Redemption game will be launched during the Sony press event for the PlayStation 4 Pro but it did not happen. This latest teaser from the game developer could mean that there will be 2017 release.

One of the famous leaks of the game is a map which features the Great Plains, where the Blackwater area from the first game was located. It also shows numerous islands which indicated that the player might be able to take a boat or swim.

Said map was posted first on NeoGAF by user Mideon who deleted it later on. But of course, other users were able to save a copy of it and uploaded it again.

But of course, Rockstar Games did not promise anything. We are all awaiting for another update or an explanation about the recent images the game developer has shared.

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