‘Dragon Ball Super’ Episode 63 Preview, Trailer, Spoilers: Vegeta Faces Fierce Battle, Son Goku Uses Mafuba

By KLDatoy - 17 Oct '16 23:12PM

"Dragon Ball Super" episode 63 will surely be more intense. In this episode, Vegeta will face Black Goku while Son Goku will be using the Mafuba to defeat them.

Episode 63 is titled "Don't Defile Saiyan Cells! The Curtain Rises on Vegeta's Intense Battle!!" and is synopsis reveal that Vegeta will challenge Black Goku. The Saiyans will also find an innovative solution to defeat the two by using the Mafuba.

To recall, Trunks was left fighting with Black Goku and Zamasu as Goku and Vegeta went back to the present where they learned how to use the Mafuba. Piccolo suggested that they use this technique.

One scene shows Trunks trying to fight with his sword while Black Goku uses his Rose blade technique. When Vegeta and Goku returned to the future, they were just in time since Trunks is about to be defeated since Black Goku has inflicted life-threatening damage to him.

With that, Vegeta will have an intense battle with Black Goku. According to Yibada, Vegeta was encouraged by Goku to fight the fake saiyan telling him to "show off the results" of his training. Vegeta will fight Super Saiyan Rose Goku Black in Super Saiyan Blue form with all his power.

In "Dragon Ball Super" episode 63, Zamasu will manage to break he Mafuba jar and the Time machine. This means that the Saiyans will face the problem of how to go to the present. The Mafuba technique will fail on Goku's first attempt. But will the Mafuba jar still be fixed? Is there something that Trunks can do the fix it?

Meanwhile, it is noted by Otakukart that Goku did not die while using the Mafuba. To recall, its previous users Roshi, Mutaito or Tien faced their demise after using it. Goku could have a larger amount of kai which is the reason why he managed to stay alive. But Roshi has warned Goku that there will be consequences. Since he did not die, there could be something else that will happen to him.

"Dragon Ball Super" episodes 63 air will air on October 23 on Fuji TV at 9 a.m. Japan time.

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