Donald Trump Gets Roasted in New 'Saturday Night Live' Sketches

By Yuri Mangahas - 10 Oct '16 20:01PM

Just days prior to the second US Presidential Debate, Republican candidate Donald Trump became the subject of ridicule once more, as the last "Saturday Night Live" episode took every opportunity to make fun of the presidential hopeful in not just one, but multiple sketches infused all throughout the show.

The show opened with guest start Alec Baldwin reprising his imitation of Trump, as he comments on the latter's recent statements regarding his "Billy Bush" joke.

"I promise I can do a whole lot more than just grab it. I can also bop it, twist it, and pull it," said Baldwin.

The interviewer then asked Baldwin's Trump his reasons for spewing such words, in which he responded, "C'mon Brooke, I was trying to look cool. I mean what normal, red-blooded American doesn't want to impress THE Billy Bush?" Baldwin's Trump asks.

Meanwhile, Miranda continues the roasting of the candidate by veering away from his usual monologues through a political-satire esque rendition of Hamilton's "My Shot."

Lastly, a sketch titled "A Day Off" discussed the daily routine of Trump's campaign manager Kellyanne Conway (imitated by Kate Mckinnon) as she does her job defending the candidate's outrageous tweets and statements online. Mckinnon then lambasts Trump by saying that he "challenged Obama to a penis-off," and that he "is the worst person I've ever known."

While SNL was no stranger to political and cultural-inspired roasts, this was by far, the boldest they have done in recent years, propelling the episode to trend online.

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