Kdrama News: Lee Jong Suk’s Still Cuts in the Upcoming Drama “W”

By Lord Justin Castillo - 10 Jun '16 10:22AM

MBC's anticipated Wednesday-Thursday drama "W" has unveiled still cuts of starring actor Lee Jong Suk.

"W" is a story of a well-off man Kang Chul (portrayed by actor Lee Jong Suk) and a surgeon named Oh Yeon Joo (portrayed by actress Han Hyun Joo) who met in many different aspects. The story is a romantic suspense melodrama.

Lee Jong Suk portrays as the founder of a newly founded company with a market value of 1.5 trillion won (approximately $1.8 billion) and a young chaebol who obtains assets worth 800 billion won (approximately $690 million). Aside from being rich and popular, he also possesses a perfect look and displays right attitude.

In the still cuts revealed, Lee Jong Suk displays his character with luxury and perfectly captures his oozing personality. Being the picked as the first choice to portray this role, Lee Jong Suk plays seemingly the same way with his personal life.
Being the champion in the Olympics at his very young age of 18, Kang Chul brought astonishment to the public on his decision to change his career path. Instead of continuing his sports, he studied computer science and after his studies, he ventures a company and then he succeeds.

The staff of the production acclaimed Lee Jong Suk's good attitude in his work saying, "Lee Jong Suk is very devoted in his acting giving all his talent and creativity, creating an image of being the true Kang Chul when you see and think of him. Please look forward to the gorgeous Kang Chul character Lee Jong Suk has made while perspiring in the hot atmosphere."

"W" is set to air its first episode on July 20.

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