Resident Evil 7 News and Update: Creators Targeting 2017 Release Date and a Return to Game's Original Horror Theme

By Jenn Loro - 08 Jun '16 15:05PM

The original survival horror-themed Resident Evil franchise has been a major hit for a long time with zombies keeping gamers preoccupied all the time. But iterations in recent years have been major disappointments leaving gamers a feeling that the game has somehow lost its way. Following hints of return to classic horror theme, rumors point to a possible 2017 release of the game.

According to Day Herald, Resident Evil 7 is reportedly under development. But instead of picking up where Resident Evil 6 left off, Capcom will be injecting survival-horror roots back into the game on a clean slate. The hype over the forthcoming edition of the game coincides with the 20th anniversary and fans are expecting nothing less than a spectacular classic reboot.

Leading the way back to survival horror theme of the game is Jordan Amaro from Kojima Productions who was recently hired by Capcom to give Resident Evil 7 the much-needed transition to lure gamers back into game.

As for the release date, rumors currently making rounds online suggest that 'Resident Evil 7' will be unveiled at Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) from June 14-16 alongside another highly anticipated fan-favorite, the 'Resident Evil 2 Remake.'

Despite the excitement, NSEA Voice argued that releasing massive games simultaneously does not make any sense for Capcom from a business standpoint. Moreover, the report explained that the developers' intent of releasing Resident Evil 2 Remake ahead of Resident Evil 7 is to give Capcom more time to polis the latter. This makes a 2017 release more likely.

In other Resident Evil-related news, Capcom has just announced the June 28 release of the digital version of Resident Evil 5 on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One followed by July 12 retail release of the game in North America which is already available for preorder, Escapist Magazine reported. Resident Evil 4 is likewise slated for release on the latest console platforms around fall this year.

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