iPhone 7 News and Rumors: 32 GB Variant Base Model and Top Variant To Feature 256 GB?

By Peter R - 01 Jun '16 08:42AM

Apple may finally pay heed to what loyal users have been asking for years; a base model with 32 GB and not the inadequate 16 GB.

iPhones have scaled heights in sophistication since the device was first launched but Apple has remained conservative about storage. It's justification for restricting storage by sparing money for other device improvements and urging users to depend on the cloud, has not cut ice with many. While its Android competition has surged ahead, Apple refused to ramp up storage on its base model phones in the face of increasing demand for space.

That could change with the iPhone 7. New reports suggest this year's phones could be equipped with 32 GB, with the top-end storage option capped at 256 GB. Coupled with the 3GB RAM on the 5.5-inch device, Apple could leave nothing for grouse.

Word of 32 GB is courtesy IHS Technology analyst Kevin Wang who has an appreciable track record in making Apple forecast. It is likely and believable as 16 GB storage is inadequate for 4K videos and increasing storage demands from apps.

Wang's predictions come on the heels of leaked images which suggested that Apple could introduce 256 GB storage options on its 5.5-inch device besides 3 GB RAM variant. The additional RAM and storage on the larger display device is being attributed to introduction of dual-camera module. That said, smaller 4.7-inch devices will also benefit immensely the additional storage.

Bumping up storage could be one of the ways Apple could be contemplating to reverse the fall in revenue and sales the company witnessed for the first time last quarter. Sales forecast for the iPhone 7 have been gloomy given that the device is not expected to feature major upgrades or design changes. Larger storage however, could help change just that.

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