Microsoft Surface Pro 5 News and Rumors: Microsoft Loses Out To ASUS In Releasing First Kaby Lake Tablet

By Peter R - 01 Jun '16 08:42AM

Will Asus beat Microsoft to the launch of a hybrid with Intel's Kaby Lake processors? Word from Computex suggests that may happen in the third in a few months from now.

ASUS reportedly announced it would launch a Windows 10 powered Transformer 3 tablet, a hybrid device not unlike Surface Pro 4. The device could be priced at $ 799, far lower than Surface devices. It is equipped with 8GB RAM and a screen with display resolution of 2880 x 1920, tad higher than Surface Pro 4's screen. The hybrid is expected to ship in the third quarter this year.

What does this mean for Microsoft Surface Pro 5? For starters, those waiting for a Kaby Lake device may opt for the ASUS given its price and release ahead of the next Surface Pro. It is not known when Microsoft could launch its next Surface device but expect the company to not rush.

Until the start of Computex at Taipei, Intel's Kaby Lake processors were not expected to arrive until early next year. It is now clear the new range of Intel processors would arrive this year. Other device makers including HP and Dell are expected to announce devices with the latest Intel processors based on 14 nm architecture.

Microsoft may not launch the Surface Pro 5 in haste as memories of Surface Pro 4 hassles in the early days of its launch are still fresh in minds of early buyers. Though the devices have proven to be a hit, prospective buyers are mindful of the consequences of purchasing a tablet with a new processor which has not matured. ASUS runs that risk with its Transformer 3 tablet but given the price of the device, regular fixes for impending problems, should leave buyers happy with the purchase.

Meanwhile, reports speculating about Surface Pro 5 have suggested the next Microsoft tablet could be powered with as much as 16 GB RAM and equipped with QHD screen.

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