God of War 4 News and Rumors: Sony Killing Kratos Or Sending Him To Norse Land?

By Peter R - 31 May '16 08:53AM

God of War 4 could be under works but will it not feature Kratos, the protagonist of all GoW games released by Sony? New reports suggest that may indeed be the case.

Kratos' furious blade slashing has been loved by fans, helping turn the game into a flagship for Playstation. Kratos fitted very well with the plot and design of the game. Imagining a GoW without the character can be difficult for fans. New reports are suggesting Kratos may not be featured in the next installment as GoW 3 ended his mission and significance.

It must be noted that the last game ended without revealing what happened to Kratos which means there still is hope the next game could feature him. What the plot could be, given that all Greek gods have been vanquished, has left fans guessing. It is possible Sony could develop a prequel. However, this would require a convincing plot as the GoW series so far has seemed complete to fans in every which way.

The interesting prospect of Sony placing Kratos in a world different than Greek, would entice fans. That this is likely was indicated earlier this year when leaks of images, purportedly from a former employee of Sony's Santa Monica studio, showed Kratos in the world of Norse mythology. The images looked stunning and Kratos menacing in his bearded avatar. The images and the website which hosted them went offline, driving fans to speculate this could have been a genuine leak.

All rumors would be rested when the game releases. While no official announcement has been made, fans suspect the game is under development. Sony reportedly sought to hire 50 developers for what is described as the GoW installment. If 50 developers are indeed working on the next God of War, it could be something to watch out for.

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