'Supergirl' Season 2 News & Update: New Season Will Likely Move to CW; TV Series Will Focus on the Past

By Kanika Gupta - 21 May '16 20:26PM

"Supergirl" season 2 has been long confirmed, thanks to encouraging reviews by fans as well as the critics. However, the show will move from its previous network, CBS, and will now be aired on CW. Reports indicate that it was due to lower budget of the TV series that the show had to be moved to CW. In fact, Warner Bros will also move the production from Los Angeles to Vancouver. However, it is not just the costs that led to switching of networks. News reports suggest that CBS is unwilling to take the risk as the network's target audience is largely older people, and the show attracts young viewers. Which makes perfect sense to move "Supergirl" to CW.

Ali Adler and Greg Berlanti, Season 2 show producers, say that the new season will take the audience into the past and how it impacts the future of "Supergirl" characters. The viewers will be on an emotional ride in this season. The executive producer, Andrew Kreisberg, told IGN that Project Cadmus will be central to the season 2 plotline.

"It's going to remain an evil, specter-y thing that's out there, but it's definitely something that we're going to pursue," Kreisberg told IGN. "It'll definitely be part of season 2."

There are also rumors that it is possible for "Supergirl" to crossover with "Arrow" and "The Flash" in its second season. The rumor stems from previous statement made by Berlanti, "From the day we cast Melissa [Benoist], the notion of her in scenes with Grant [Gustin] - or someday maybe in the best of all worlds with [Arrow star] Stephen [Amell], as well - it's exciting to think of them on screen together," he told TVLine.

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